The Rock & Ribbon Auction & 'Make A Difference Campaign' by Ritz Music Studio




A music memorabilia auction & fundraising campaign to give our respect & support to NHS staff & volunteers.


'Make A Difference'

by Graham Lyle & Terry Britten in collaboration with Ritz Music Studio

Make A Difference

We are immensely proud and in awe of NHS staff and volunteers as they work tirelessly to save lives and care for COVID-19 patients. Separated from their families and away from their homes, these incredible people work day and night to treat as many people as possible in need of care.

Together and with memorabilia from the Music Industries most revered Artists & Songwriters, we give our respect, gratitude & support to the people on the frontline of the NHS via our fundraising auction, Rock & Ribbon.

Together we can make a difference. 

All donations to the 'Make A Difference' Campaign via our JustGiving page and 100% of the proceeds from the Rock & Ribbon Music Memorabilia Auction will be donated to 'NHS Charities Together' 

 NHS Charities Together 

Thank you 

Our Story

The Rock & Ribbon Auction, founded by model and designer Elle Liberachi, began with a collaboration for Breast Cancer Awareness with Queen guitarist Brian May and saw the auctioning of his 'Red Special' guitar raise over £8,000 for the 'Breast Cancer Campaign' Charity. Now, more than ever we feel it is important that we come together and support the NHS and the 'Make A Difference' campaign is our way to show our gratitude and support for the amazing work the NHS and health care providers all over the World do for us.  

Make A Bid